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Multimedia - Presentation - Demonstration
Flash Presentations
Flash is best used when there is a need to deliver rich content, because it has the powerful capability of grabbing a user's attention to key areas of a site like navigation, showcased items and other special content. In addition, movies can easily be delivered within certain areas of the site through the efficient use of flash.
We provide many types of flash design including:
» Full Flash Sites
» Interactive Product Brochures
» Interactive Tutorials
» Interactive Maps
» Movies
» 3D Animations
» Banners
» Intros

and More...
CD/DVD Presentations and Sales Demonstrations

Have a presentation or Sales Demonstration? Why not present it on a CD or DVD. With the use of video and flash your sales presentations can come alive. With 97% of computers running the flash engine, it’s a no brainer to achieve the wow factor with a CD or DVD presentation by WebDesign.tm.