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Other Services
Trillions are spent online each year on the world wide web and it has been steadily increasing every year this decade. Not only can we help you tap into the great online market we can also help you save money from expensive merchant accounts, Visa and American Express commissions and mandatory pricey monthly reports.

WebDesign.tm will help your company by allowing you to accept credit cards online. Whether it be for a shopping cart or just a donation button for a nonprofit organization, credit cards online can, should, and will, be easy and painless.
Internet Marketing
Studies show the common method of researching and finding goods and services is through the many search engines offered on the internet. With proper internet marketing your website will be able to be found among the millions of searches executed each day. Proper internet marketing also consists of proper conversion tracking. You should have the ability to know which sales came through which online searches – and you do, with WebDesign.tm internet marketing.
Search Engine Optimization
It is common knowledge that there are plentiful amounts of visitors who reach their end destination with the help of search engines. Trillions of dollars are spent online and 90% of it is decided by who is ranked at the top of the search engines. Don't you think your site deserves to be there as well?
Reputation Management
Sometimes all you really want is for your website NOT to be displayed in the search engines. This unique situation occurs when innocent organizations are wrongfully accused of misconduct, or are falsely associated with controversial organizations. Proper Reputation Management ensures that your image on the internet will portray those qualities which your company possesses and keeps everything else out.
Web Hosting

Once a website is built, it could contains hundreds of electronic files that must be distributed to people who view your site. Hosting means to provide a computer that is connected to the Internet at all times & capable of serving numerous requests simultaneously through multiple high speed internet connections.

All of our hosting plans deliver valuable software to power the site which includes image and file uploading software, email support and database management. Your hosting also includes full email functionality supported by Microsoft Outlook and other major email applications. You can also view your mail from virtually any web browser while you are away from the office via our on-the-go webmail solutions, all included in the price.

Try it out!
For a demonstration of our control panel, see the client login and use the following login information:
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Video is one of the most effective means of communication of our time. Why not have our team of professionally trained staff film on location, or use stock photography and imagery, to create your perfect solution. Commercial media, sales presentations, video demonstrations or any other work.

Demo Reel
In association with VerusPRO of San Francisco, California.

Custom Programming
Need something out of the ordinary? Our custom programming can make it happen.

A restaurant in Columbia, MD wanted to allow carry out online. However the restaurant kept missing orders as customers would often be expecting to pick up their orders before the restaurant even knew an order was placed.

WebDesign.tm custom programming created a complete yet simple carryout solution. When customers order carry out line, a printer immediately prints the order in the kitchen and rings a bell until the chef confirms receipt. No lost orders, no lost customers.
Website Maintenance

Many websites fall behind the times. When “recent news” is dated February ’06 you know you need to update your website. WebDesign.tm has plans that will take care of all your website maintenance and allow you to dictate updates, modifications or adjustments easily and efficiently – and at a comfortable rate.